Rio Salado in Phoenix, AZ.

Get Ready, Get SETS: GI! is a series of four symposia throughout the fall and winter of 2020.

The symposia series acts as a call to the next generation of leaders — scholars, activists, community organizers, and other practitioners — to collectively learn how to build urban resilience through exploration of equitable and multifunctional green infrastructure implementation for the new climate normal.

Through this symposia series, we ask: How can we advance a more holistic approach to GI implementation using an interdisciplinary social-ecological-technological systems (SETS) frame?

  • We define SETS as both rigorous attention to multiple academic disciplines as well as honest and genuine collaboration with urban practitioners, community groups, activists, and residents. While much of the GI work to date has defined the practice through single-disciplinary approaches, the localized nature of GI implementation provides a unique opportunity to integrate and operationalize the SETS framework from the diverse points of view of its intended beneficiaries in a specific community and place
  • We welcome multiple different perspectives and definitions of  the concept of GI and interdisciplinary work! We want to work together with others to integrate our differing perspectives into more robust planning and implementation of GI.
Figure 1 from Markolf et al., 2018
  • Designing urban systems to make cities healthier, safer, and more equitable requires new forms of expertise capable of working across social, ecological, and technological sectors. Future experts need the skills to holistically address climate disturbances and infrastructure interdependencies through interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial forms of cooperation and innovation (Weart, 2013; Grabowski et al. 2017; Hein et al., 2018; Feagan et al. 2019).
  • We aim to create space where early career scholars can practice developing innovative approaches to SETS GI implementation and foster the development of new skills, communities of practice, and forms of leadership. Our symposia series consists of four virtual sessions designed to advance SETS GI implementation through a more holistic model that integrates different perspectives of knowledge, practices, and expertise across social, ecological, and technological spectrums.

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