Black Lives Matter


We the core organizers of this symposia series stand in solidarity with movements for radical change towards justice here in the USA and globally. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police is destined to become another data point on the long trajectory of racism in this country — unless the whole country stands up to unite against white supremacy in support of the black, brown, and indigenous people on the front lines of the struggle for a freer and more just world. This is exactly what is happening now — but there is a need for more support to continue the transformations underway…

The following bullets provide launching points for discussion within our symposia series, to build new working relations together that support ongoing struggles for justice — we welcome your feedback and other contributions:

  1. Urban planning and design — including green infrastructure — are embedded in a dominant history of white supremacy, colonialism, heteronormativity, patriarchy, and capitalism; yet, cities are also collections of struggles, identities, and stories ushering in new worlds of possibility for justice and freedom. 
  2. Green infrastructure can be tied specifically to gentrification, which predominantly displaces communities of color; yet, communities of color have also been largely underserved by the potential benefits of green infrastructure, which is often more accessible to rich, white communities.
  3. Institutions of training — such as schools, universities, research institutes, etc. — are largely complicit in reproducing dominant norms; yet, they are also important sites of struggle for change, mobilization, and action.

As a group of predominantly white people coming through privileged channels, we the organizers are committed to self-education, creating safe space, and centering the voices of black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) throughout the symposia activities to actively transform — and not reproduce — the status quo of green infrastructure work.  


Marissa, Geneva, Lauren, Matt S, Matt F, Sam, Alysha, and Stephen

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