Participant Benefits

What will you get out of this?

We want participants to walk away from this symposia series with:

  • A broader network of colleagues with whom they feel comfortable brainstorming and learning with, and perhaps collaborating with on future research or implementation projects
  • A broad understanding of GI and its influence on/interaction with climate resilience
  • An ability to identify key environmental problems and propose a “bottom-up” solution to address the problem using GI
  • A general understanding of the SETS framework and how to apply it
  • Which combination of SETS attributes are truly adaptive or resilient across diverse climate scenarios
  • A capacity to acknowledge social and political aspects of the technical concepts of GI for climate resilience
  • Tools necessary to identify shortcomings of GI planning and implementation based on interactions between SETS factors
  • Ability to communicate co-benefits of diverse, multifunctional forms of GI that push beyond the traditional definition of GI
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