First Symposium

July 15, 2020, Starting at 16:00 GMT/12:00(Noon) EDT/9:00 PDT

Last Update: June 23, 2020 (content and times subject to change)

16:00 GMT – Welcome

An interactive session to introduce the participants to one another through a series of polls and questions.

16:30 GMT – Goal Setting and Symposium Expectations

A interactive session where participants set goals for the symposia series.

17:00 GMT – Break

17:10 GMT – Introduction to Green Infrastructure (GI)

Explore different green infrastructure definitions (and their consequences) across disciplinary and political contexts.

17:50 GMT – Introduction to SETS

Define and explore the interconnected Social, Ecological, and Technological Systems (SETS) that comprise our cities and enhance (or hinder) resilience efforts.

18:00 GMT – Climate 101

Hosted by CLEO. An interactive session on how climate change intersects with green infrastructure.

18:30 GMT – Break

18:40 GMT – Summary of the Day and Looking Forward

All participants, collaborators, and organizers will come together to discuss the main topics of the day, lessons learned, and look forward to symposia two!

TBA – Virtual Happy Hour

Everyone is invited to for a social gathering after the symposia events. Grab a drink of your choice and be prepared to expand your network!

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